2004-08-29 10:19 pm
added photo section, and posted Peru pictures

2002-07-11 12:53 am
Fixed some bugs in words, renamed "New Text Document" to "misery's history"

2002-04-10 3:17 pm
Fixed some bugs in words, added "Stream of Consciousness"

2002-04-01 3:36 am
very minor modifications, and added "show source" to bottom of page

2002-03-05 7:59 pm
finished writing code for words, still need to clean up some things though

2002-02-21 6:44 pm
added SlaughteredCow, tweaked various code

2002-02-18 12:48am
reorganizing file structure, slowly rebuilding site

2002-02-15 1:16am
setup Apache on my own system, began rebuilding StonedCow

2001-12-11 1:05am
removed the CAB files a few days ago, removed the CAB link today.
fixed the news file (had the wrong news file) in its place

2001-10-23 12:05am
I'm Twenty-fucking-years old today! Woohoo!

2001-10-18 12:59am
finished porting doe to php ... and added lsdie .... and now going to finish studying for my n/a test....

2001-10-04 / 4.10am
brought decadence of evolution over to stonedcow.com
slowly working on rewriting doe in php...

Set up a forum for CAB using phpBB which is truly cool and a free SQL server from freesql.org. Also been tweaking phpBB to make it a little better.

Wrote a Trivia engine and added a Simpsons Trivia set to the site.

Did some more work on the site. Think I mostly finished the bulk of the PHP coding and basic interface layout (unless I decide to change it again). Will begin working on the SMTP/POP extensions next.

Been kinda busy with school and parties and whatnot, but have begun development of a new php-based account management system (LIME). Test it out here (still beta).

Found a decent php-based webmail program, began tweaking it to fit my needs

Bought domain name and began site development

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